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The growth of international trade in breeding animals and sperm doses necessitates the availability of a standard format for a document on the breeding value of animals, which is recognized by all participants in this segment of the industry instead of the great diversity present in different countries and different formats. First of all, this is expressed in the harmonization - the general agreement - data on the identification of animals, their lactation, as well as the lactation of ancestors along the maternal line in addition to the values ​​of the breeding value of the manufacturing bulls. Such harmonization became possible with the advent of the Confederation of national associations of animal producers of one specific breed, in this case Holstein. Today, breed associations from 28 countries are members of the European Confederation. The various members of the Confederation generally have about 10.6 million cows in breedbooks, kept in 220,000 herds. In September 2014, the non-profit organization Russian Association of Cattle Producers of Holstein breed by the unanimous decision of the General Assembly was admitted to the European Confederation of Holstein and Red Own Holstein cattle.

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